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  • Liebert PDX
    Compact Perimeter Cooling

    Perimeter cooling systems offer the industry’s highest efficiency, protection and capacity per footprint for small and medium IT spaces.

  • Liebert® CRV™
    Intelligent Precision Cooling

    A self-contained data center cooling unit that is ideally suited and designed for cooling server rack cabinets

  • Liebert Mini-Mate2
    Ceiling-Mounted Precision Cooling System

    Designed for precision cooling, humidity control and air filtration of small areas, such as computer, control and equipment rooms.

  • Liebert Challenger 3000
    Data Center Cooling System

    The Liebert Challenger 3000 has been discontinued and replaced by the Liebert PDX and Liebert PCW.

  • Liebert DSE
    High efficiency precision cooling

    Combines the industry’s highest efficiency operation – up to 70% more efficient than alternative thermal management technologies.

  • Liebert DS
    Efficient, precise, reliable control

    The flexible Liebert DS offers high energy efficiency, user-friendly Liebert iCOM controls, modular frame, front service access.

  • Liebert CW
    Handles the high heat loads

    Liebert iCOM controls and a variety of energy efficient features combine to ensure reliable, economic data center heat management.

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